Minnesota Bumble Bee Atlas
Minnesota Bumble Bee Atlas: Sign up

Step 1: Get a Bumble Bee Watch Account

This account will keep track of your bumble bee observations and photographs, and you will use this username to adopt a grid cell.

In either case, please remember and take note of your username and email address, as they will be used throughout the project when submitting data.

Step 2: Find a Survey Location

Start by finding an area on the map that you would like to survey. It might be somewhere close to home, family-owned land, a camping spot, or a part of the state you would like to explore.

​To find a particular address or location, use the search bar in the top left corner of the map  on the Adopt a grid cell page or use our Google Map

Step 3: Record Grid Cell Code

Zoom in to your desired survey area and find out which grid cell you're located in. Record the grid cell's alphanumeric code, for example MN_53.

Keep in mind the project's priority categories and be aware of special procedures for areas requiring a permit from the USFWS to handle bumble bees. Dark and light purple are the preferred survey areas, but grey cells are still available for adoption. Green grid cells are the only adoptable by individuals named in a USFWS recovery permit. In purple grid cells with red areas, all surveys must be outside red areas.

Step 4: Complete Adoption Form

Scroll down beneath the interactive map, and you'll find a form to fill out. Make sure you have your Bumble Bee Watch username and grid cell code(s) ready. 

Please only adopt a grid cell if you are willing to commit to the minimum requirements.

We cannot confirm the selection of your grid cell unless you fill out the form, so please complete this step. Once fully confirmed, you will receive an email from us confirming your selection (within 2-3 business days).

You're done!

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