Minnesota Bumble Bee Atlas
Minnesota Bumble Bee Atlas: How to survey

Prepare to survey

Step 1: Train

Start by attending a workshop or visit our Online Training Portal to train at your own pace.

Step 2: Connect 

Sign up for the MN Bumble Bee Atlas e-mail list to stay up to date with information from the project managers.

Join other Atlas volunteers in our Facebook group that is set up for people to interact, share photos or experiences, and ask questions. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @mnbumblebees and  to stay up to date with the project and use #MNBBAtlas to share your photos with us!

Step 3: Select survey type

When participating in the Atlas, you may run a variety of surveys. The two main formal survey options are known as Point Surveys and Roadside Surveys, each of which are accompanied by a Habitat Survey. In addition to formal surveys, we also accept Incidental Observations.

Select a survey type below to learn about the specific protocol, and tips on how to conduct the survey.