Minnesota Bumble Bee Atlas
Minnesota Bumble Bee Atlas: Habitat Surveys

Habitat Survey Overview

Rapid Habitat Assessments, or habitat surveys, will take place at all point and roadside surveys, but not incidental surveys. Habitat surveys will help us to gain a better understanding of what habitat features are important for bumble bees, and provide insight on how to better manage our lands to promote bumble bee conservation.

You can do your habitat surveys before or after your bumble bee survey, but they do need to be done on the same day to ensure the habitat conditions correspond to the observed bumble bee community. These surveys should take no more than 30 minutes, and the time needed will vary depending on a surveyor's experience and the habitat complexity.

To complete these surveys you will need:

Conducting a habitat survey

Step 1: Site information

Step 2: Habitat information

Step 3: Plant species in bloom (with no bumble bee observations)

Step 4: Volunteer data

Your habitat data will be submitted along with your bumble bee observations on Bumble Bee Watch. See instructions for submitting data.