Minnesota Bumble Bee Atlas
Minnesota Bumble Bee Atlas: How to submit data

How To Submit Your Data

All bumble bee and habitat data will be submitted to the community science website Bumble Bee Watch.

1. Keep track of the time you spend on this part, you will enter this as volunteer hours into Bumble Bee Watch.

2. Curate your photos. Decide which photos you are going to upload for each bee entered on your data sheet. Make sure they are clear and the lighting is good. You can submit up to 5 photos per bee, so choose the clearest, best lit photos if you took more than that. If you are unsure of the plant you caught the bee on and have a photo of that plant, upload that plant as one of your 5 photos.

3. Login to Bumble Bee Watch

*Click here for a video on how to submit data. 

4. Choose Record a Sighting, then click Bumble Bee Sighting (see images below for step-by-step guidelines)

5. ​Under Project select Minnesota Bumble Bee Atlas. Selecting this project will generate a section for you to enter your habitat assessment data.

6. Enter your location information.

7. Enter details from the top of your bumble bee data sheet

8. Enter Habitat Assessment Information

9. Enter Plant Species in Bloom

10. Enter Volunteer Information 

11. Start Entering Bumble Bee Information 

12. Confirm Photo Upload

13. Identify Your Bee

14. Click Save and Enter Information For Your Next Bee

15. Finish  

Your data have been submitted, thank you! 

Mailing in Datasheets

We greatly prefer that you try to submit your data online. Similar research projects have found that this ultimately increases accuracy, and improves the quality of the information collected. We also understand that sometimes this is not possible, or there is something about your data that is unique and may not fit into the web-based forms that we've established. If you have questions about data entry, you may send them to mnbumblebee@umn.edu. If help just will not solve the problem, you may send in your datasheets in one of two ways.

​You may scan them - or take a clear digital photo of them - and send them via email as an attachment to: mnbumblebee@umn.edu

You may also send in paper copies of your data sheets. If you do this, please include your phone number and/or email address so that we can contact you with any questions about the information on your datasheets. Please make a copy of the datasheets in case they are lost in the mail. You can direct all postal mail to:

Elaine Evans
219 Hodson Hall
1980 Folwell Ave
Saint Paul MN 55108