Minnesota Bumble Bee Atlas
Minnesota Bumble Bee Atlas: Online training

Welcome to the Online Training Portal! Below you will find a downloadable zip file that contains PDF's of the participant handbook, the bumble bee identification guide, and data sheets. After downloading, right click on the file to "unzip" the folder. Then, using the materials inside, work your way through the series of video modules to prepare yourself for the upcoming survey season.  Or use the online Training Packet.

Video training

Training Part I: Introduction to Bumble Bee Ecology and Conservation 

Recorded Live on 15 April, 2023

MN Bumble Bee Atlas: Intro 

Recorded live 13 May 2023. 

Learn why we are surveying bumble bees in MN, how you can participate, how to survey, what special precautions you need to take to keep the rusty-patched bumble bee safe, and more. 

Training Part 2: Bumble bee identification

Rusty-patched Bumble Bee Identification

Recorded live on June 9, 2023

Everyone should learn what to look for to spot rusty-patched bumble bees. If your grid contains or is adjacent to a grid with red areas, please pay extra attention to gain confidence in rusty-patched bumble bee identification.

Minnesota Bumble Bee Identification

Recorded 27 May 2020 

Learn how to tell bumble bees from look alikes and get the basic bumble bee ID skills you will need to conduct surveys for the Minnesota Bumble Bee Atlas.

If you are interested in more in depth bumble bee ID, University of Minnesota Extension offers a course on Midwest Bumble Bee Identification. The course is about 8-10 hours of bumble bee ID content, and is available here

Training Part 3: Instructions

Conducting a Bumble Bee Atlas Survey

How to catch bees

Recorded live on June 12, 2022. 

Learn how to catch bumble bees in line with survey protocols. 

Training Part 4: Practice your skills